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    Exclamation Airport networking woes
    I am having a small problem with connecting to the Internet via Airport.
    At the moment I am writing this question from a direct connection from the cable modem to the ethernet port, which generates an IP address of the form 86.2.XXX.XXX and does connect successfully. However, when I connect the same cable to the Airport Extreme Hub, the IP address generated reverts to the default and as a result fails to connect entirely to the outside world (the AirPort Extreme hub does however still work as a local hub), even after repeatedly resetting it.

    Is there any way of fixing this small problem?

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    It may be a problem with your ISP. Often ISP's require you register the MAC address of the computer or router you are using. If this is the case, you have two possible solutions.

    1. MAC address cloning through your router. Have your router display your computer's MAC address.

    2. Call your ISP and register your router's MAC address.

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    It definetly isn't a problem with my ISP: up to a certain point, the connection worked perfectly. Tests were run on the cable modem when I called them up for help and it was shown that it worked perfectly. As far as I know, there was no requirement to register the MAC address since the modem is the property of the ISP.

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