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    Question about networking-wifi, N, and ethernet
    I got my first MacBook Pro a couple weeks ago. Later this year/early next year I will be getting a Mac Pro. I have a Windows XP network currently though that is partially wired since I have two desktops and a couple LAN printers and as well I have 2 desktops. With N networking I know I will be upgrading my wi-fi sometime next year and as well eventually would like to put a hub in that is gigabit ethernet. For now I just have a Linksys Ethernet hub for the wired part and a Linksys Wireless Access Point for the wi-fi.
    What hardware do most Mac people use? It doesn't seem like Apple makes any wired/ethernet solutions but does make the Airport and Airport Express. Do most people use these Apple solutions or is there another good brand to go with? I like how the Airport has the USB connector since I have one USB printer but as well I know if I use that for the printer then I assume the printer won't be available on the wired part of the network. As well, maybe this won't be a concern with N networking but my main computer and printers are in the basement, the other computers and laptops on the main level and I know with the current wi-fi the signal is weak in the basement so it's the possibility I'd need two airports or maybe an Airport and Airport express unless N solves this problem.

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    At this point, none of Apple's products officially support the 802.11n not-quite-yet standard, so the fastest wireless configuration is 802.11g.

    I have a Motorola router/wireless access point/10-100 switch (WR850G) as well as a D-Link Gigabit Ethernet switch and this setup works perfectly with both my Macs and Windows machines. I have ethernet drops in a few spots in my home so if I want to transfer larger files between machines I can use the built-in NICs.

    The Apple networking offerings are, in my opinion, more expensive than other , more flexible solutions from vendors like Linksys or Netgear.

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    Question about using Network and USB Printers on Windows Network
    I have a home network that is Windows XP Based. There are 3 printers on this network, two large printers that are connected through the Ethernet network with two separate IP's as well as one printer connected via USB to the main (server) desktop.
    I just bought my first Mac, a MacBook Pro. Eventually I probably will get a Mac Desktop as well to replace the main computer. These printers all work fine on the Windows XP laptop and desktops. How do I print to these from the Mac though? Is the Mac able to print to a USB printer connected to a Windows XP computer that is sharing the printer? Is it able to print to these two network printers? These printers all have Mac drivers so that isn't a problem but I have tried to get the Mac to add these printers but I can't get it to print. Any suggestions of how I can do this or any web links on how to do this?

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