Hi all,

I recently purchased a mac book po (my first mac) and so far am finding the transition painless bar one slight hitch.

At home I have a small network set up which sits behind a router, on the network I have one windows XP machine and one Linux machine (currently running Ubuntu). I have been able to access the samba shares on the linux machine ok through mac which is fantastic, the only problem is that I cannot seem to connect (or view pages through) the web server that is running on the linux box.

From my windows machine i simply type in the linux computer name (or its ip address) and the local pages are displayed, this doesnt however work in the mac, and it has totally baffled me!

If i type in the ip address i am served with a totally blank white page, if i type in the computer name it says it cannot connect to the server. This has all been done through safari, so i suppose my next step is to try another browser, thought i cant see how that should affect it.

It is definitely a local issue on the mac as i also have a dyn-dns account to direct to the linux server (through NAT and port forwarding on the router), and so if i type that address I can access the server no problem, simply just when i try to access the computer behind the router (locally)

Any help would be greatly greatly appreciated as i am totally stumped!