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Thread: who's spying on me???

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    who's spying on me???
    Eveing all,

    wondered if someone culd point me in the right direction...

    few years ago a friend introduced me to the mac (very greatful he did) and he was showing me a few features on it. He was running some software or a script or something that was showing him all the connections being made or being attempted to his mac, like his ISP and ourselves round a friends house, he was able to see a wealth of information, i was wondering if anyone has come across anything like this before, i know a few commands and have written scripts in the past but im a little lost.

    I use the mac a lot now and have since given my pc the boot but i've always been curious as to what my old friend was using, i would ask but i've lost contact.

    Any suggestions greatfully received


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    Open Terminal and type this:
    netstat -a -f inet

    If you want more info, type 'man netstat' without the quotes.
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    thanks for your reply cradom,

    i was already aware of these commands, and they only show you the currnet status - i would like to be able to constantly monitor every piece of low level traffic coming to my mac even from the ISP.

    thanks for your suggestion anyway.



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    you could use tcpdump, which dumps every single packet coming in and going out of a particular interface?

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