Hi guys,

Im having a strange problem. File transfers between 2 macs on my home wifi network is incredibly slow!

I am new to macs so im still trying to figure out how they work. Basically i think i have a setting wrong which must be resulting in this very slow transfer speed.

I have a new Imac core duo2 and a Powerbook G4. I have a cable modem and an airport express which i am using to distribute my broadband. I have no firewall on either machine and no network security running (i know i know, but i dont want anything to slow me down. i check my dhcp client list to ensure no leechers!) This is working flawlessly!!

I tried for the first time to send a 300mb file across from one machine to the other and it says it would take 30 minutes!!!!!!! it is so slow!! i could re-download the file off the Net MUCH faster.

Not knowing much about this sort of stuff i wondered whether it was because the file had to (maybe) go through the router first, so i decided to create a direct wifi connection between the 2 machines. Again the file transfer was painfuly slow. (Even if this had worked it was only a test not a real practical solution, i do not want to cut my Net access everytime i want to transfer or view a file on another machine) I dont get what im doing wrong.

I previously owned PC's and a transfer like this would have taken 30-40 SECONDS a minute at most on 802.11g.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

Also, I have noticed on other posts that people have had this sort of problem, but more often than not the solutions seem to be to use a cable, whether firewire or cat5e, so please no responses about using cables, ok it is an option but negates (and ridicules) the whole purpose of wireless, even worse my Microsoft running PC's could do this as well as stream LARGE video files so why cant the Mac. At the moment i am REALLY dissapointed.


PS. With regard to the networking security, i have found that firewalls and encryption securities slow down my Net speed as well as creating difficulties with some services, would mac address filtering my router work without slowing me down?