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Thread: Mac Connection Problems: xtorrent and acqusition

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    Unhappy Mac Connection Problems: xtorrent and acqusition
    Hey all

    im posting on my new MBP and i love it, I do however have two problems that are very important to me and my mac experience.

    Ive used limewire on my PC and now decided to use acquisiton for mac. Ive only heard good things but i am having problems with it.

    When i open up acquisiton, it says connecting but has a red sign with a white dash in the middle. I can not connect at all. how is this possible i have full reception with my airport.

    Do my router settings matter? the wireless router i use is a linksys wrt54g,
    my Gnutella port is 6346(default in acquisiton). Anything anyone can suggest, or check. I was really looking forward to use this, and now im completely lost.

    This doesnt make sense because my torrents which i use from xtorrent, connects and downloads perfectly.

    my only problem with xtorrent is that when i am finished downloading, it stops seeding, it only goes until my download is finished. How do i keep my torrent seeding, even when my download is finished.

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