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    Question Connecting to a WPA Wireless network automatically on startup
    Hello all!

    My home network is wireless and protected using WPA-PSK security. My problem (if it even is one), is that whenever I turn my computer on, I don't automatically connect to the network (the passkey is stored on my keychain). In order to connect, I simply open the wireless network menu, select my network, and it connects no problem.

    Now, this is by no means a system breaking issue, however, it is one step I think I can do without. I suspect this may be security related (the lack of auto-connection), but is there anyway I can automatically connect to this network on start up?


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    Ha, so much for my extensive searching :-P

    Anyway, the first link didn't really apply, as the computer DID reconnect fine after waking up from sleep, however, the second seemed to fix the issue.

    Thanks again

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    Hey... I tried both the links and my mac book still wont connect automatically. Not sure what I have done wrong. I have disconnected the NW, deleted it, re-added it, checked the keychain settings.

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