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    Question Chicken of the VNC
    Hello all,

    I am stuck with not being able to connect to Chicken of the VNC. I have watched several tutorials and follow all to the letter, but all I get is a blank white screen. Is COTVNC not intel friendly? My iMac is intel, but the server computer is not. I use airport and I am pretty sure I am setting that up correctly in the Airport Admin. Utility. Any help appreciated, thanks much :-)
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    Are you on the same subnet? As in, are the client and server something like where xxx are two different numbers ranging from 1 to 254?
    Since you are on a wireless network are the IP addresses static? Or can you reliably find them on DHCP?

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    what server is the other machine using and what settings you got on it, tunnelling protocols or encrpytions?

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