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    Problem staying connected to PC based network

    I am using a Linksys wireless G router with three computers in my house. Two PC's, one is connected through ethernet the other is wireless and a Macbook with is aswell connecting wirelessly. The Macbook from time to time disconnects from the network.

    The router is set as WEP, 128 bits 26 hex digtits. (was set to 64 bit 10 hex digits but seems to work better on 128)

    I am new to Mac so i am unfamiliar with the Mac wireless and network settings.

    I guess my question is what setting on both ends will give me the most solid connection and most efficient network.


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    your problem seems similar to mine. this is the first time i have used wireless. cos i bought a router a couple of days after my mini. my problem is this.

    my brother has the router in his room (bt voyager 2091) he's connected through ethernet and is running a pc. im just on airport, it did run fine but now when i try leaving it on over night to run azuerus (i also leave adium running se to away) im waking up to find i have lost connection even though my airport icon (menubar) is still ok.

    the only way to get net back on is to restart the router. im running an intel mac mini duo 1.83ghz. im not sleeping it. no screensaver not even monitor sleep. just turning monitor keyboard and mouse off.

    is this a problem with the mini's airport or router is what im trying to get at. cheers guys.

    my settings are 128 WEP and 13character ascii


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