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    Unhappy WPS54G + Photosmart 7960 + MBP = :-(
    I need a hand.

    I just bought a WPS54G (linksys wireless print server). I plugged my photosmart into it.

    The encryption for the network is WPA2.

    Latest firmware are installed.

    Printer works fine with my PC.

    But does not work with my MBP.

    I went to preference\ fax printer\ and can add my printer using IPP. but the printer itself is not listed.

    when i try to install the HP Photosmart Installer. No dice.

    Please help?

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    I have not used the WPS54G but was actually thinking about buying one. I'd like to hear your thoughts on it once you get it working.

    Regarding your problem. Does your printer work with the MBP when it is wired to the printer? Try that first and then come back with us with the results.

    When you are using IP Printing, you want to make sure you set a STATIC IP address to your print server and then set up IP printing. Otherwise IP printing will not work well.

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    Aug 29, 2006

    I got it to work. Here is my HOW TO:

    1) made sure all the firware were up to date on the router and print-server
    2) downloaded and installed the GIMP files for said printer: (hpijs 2.0.2 & espgs 7.07.1). Otherwise the printer name doesn't appear in the drop down list.
    3) configured the network to run with no security
    4) installed the print server on static IP with no security
    5) installed printer remotely on MBP
    6) accessed the print server using Web GUI (
    7) Selected AppleTalk + ASCII in the print server
    8) activated AppleTalk on the MBP
    9) Switched the network security to WPA2
    10) done

    To do:

    I installed the print drivers from HP, but the installation package does not recognize the printer behind the print server at the specified IP address. I need to find a way to fix this.

    There is supposedly an updated version of hpijs : hpijL. I'm still looking for it for OS X.

    Other Problems:

    I cannot get the print server to wake up the printer when I send a job. The printer actually has to be on.

    I don't know how to set up my MBP to connect automatically to the closest wireless network (school vs work vs home).


    The printer was working perfectly when connected directly to the MBP.

    I really do hope that this first contribution of mine will help the community.

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