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    looking for a wireless 4 port 10/100 router
    hi guys

    in a few months time i will be switching my windows network to a mac dominated network

    unfortunately, my wireless router packed up a few days ago, and i am looking for a replacement

    seeing as i am moving to mostly mac i was hoping you guys could offer me some assistance in choosing the correct new router for my new mac network

    it needs to be ADSL, 4 10/100 ethernet ports and at least 54Mbps wireless access

    i would also like it to run well with mac software (although i doubt there is much difference in performance between microsoft and mac in terms of routers)

    quite importantly, it also needs to fit in with the rest of the mac kit i will be getting (2 macbooks and a G5)

    thanks very much guys

    oh, and hello from me to the forum :headphone


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    Any router will do.
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    Welcome to the forums. There is NO difference between windows routers, and mac ones. They don't even make routers specifically for each. So look for a router with the specs you want from a company you trust, at the lowest price.
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