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    WPA2 - Mac Filtering - SSID - Airport - Help me please
    Hi guys,

    I really need help with setting up a wireless network. Until getting this MBP this week, I have never ventured into the world of wireless networking.

    I am usng a Linksys WRT54Gv6 with firmware 1.00.9.

    The router is using WPA2 Personal. MBP recognizes it as WPA Personal and accepts the key no problem.

    Here is where my n00bness starts to show.

    if I disable SSID, my I don't know how to tell the Mac to find the network.

    And what the **** is Mac Address Filtering?

    and there is this thing on the router's Wireless Tab: SES.

    So I guess I should start by asking if I can get airport to support WPA2?

    How do I have my MBP find my network if I disable SSID?

    How do I take advantage of Mac Address Filtering?

    thanks guys.

    I'm going to see if I can't find any answers on Linksys in the mean time

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    If you disable SSID, when you go to your airport to find the network, click Other... Then type in your SSID and password and try that. The rest of the stuff im not too sure about so hopefully somebody else can come on here and help.

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