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    Unhappy Can I share ethernet connection to my iMac with xbox360 via airport?
    Hey there,

    I've just moved back into university accommodation and they only have internet via ethernet, I have an iMac G5 which only has one gigabit ethernet port so I thought I could connect to xbox live by sharing this internet connection with my xbox360 using the macs airport card! I used to have a wireless internet connection and share that with my 360 via ethernet, I have tried to adopt the same principles i used to share the internet then but they seem not to work!?

    Does anyone have any idea how to get this working, my 360 just can't find an IP address, the IP address of my mac is set by DHCP and is, the DNS is

    I've tried setting the IP address of my xbox 360 one or two higher than my iMac but it just doesn't work and I'm running out of ideas!

    Cheers! :biohazard

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    I doubt very much that the xbox will work wirelessly via airport, but to try this you do need to buy the wireless adapter for the xbox, which is not cheap. Have you bought the wireless adapter for the Xbox? Without it you have no chance of connecting wirelessly.

    Secondly, when you say you can only connect via ethernet, is there any chance you can put a router on that ethernet connection? (Although it already sounds routed, so I doubt you will be able to)

    If you can, you can then connect your xbox via ethernet plugged into the router, and also your iMac G5 plugged into the router at the same time.

    Or, if you bought a wireless router, and the wireless xbox adapter, you can connect xbox wirelessly and iMac via ethernet.

    If the ethernet connection cannot have a router attached to it, and is a single ethernet connection, the best/cheapest way to do it would be to use ethernet to connect the xbox, and then, when you are not using the xbox, plug the ethernet cable into the iMac.
    Fondest regards, Kyomii

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