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    installing airport extreme card help, and compatibility
    Hi peeps,

    i'm new, so hello to all.

    right, i need help! (yeah, that kind too ) i am about to order an airport extreme card for a lady friend, but she is in wales and i am in kent *sigh*

    basically, she will be installing it herself, and it needs to be reeeeeeeally simple. i gather it is undoing a couple of screws, then slotting the card in. i could do it if i was in wales, but that will be a few months unfortunately.

    so, are the instructions that come with the card good and easy to follow, for a total newbie, or is a small amount of technical skill needed?

    also, how compatible is the card with BT broadband, using the BT hub? i understand it should be fine as an 802.11g netwrok, but i am a pc bod myself, only having been introduced to macs very recently by the lovely lady in question

    they are pretty cool aren't they?

    thanks for any and all advice in advance


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    :doctor: The instructions for fitting an airport card are very explicit and it a simple operation.
    Make sure the emac is disconnected from the mains and placed on a non static surface.
    Once the case is removed she will see where the card goes on the motherboard. The built in arial needs to be plugged into the card & the card just pushed into place. It will only fit one way.
    Refit the case, plug in & boot up. Click the Blue Apple (top left) and select 'About this Mac'. Click more info>Network>Airport Card. If it's fitted correctly and working it will be displayed. :headphone
    Alternatively, find an excuse to pop down to Wales. I'm sure she's 'worth it'!
    As for compatability, I've no idea but see no reason why not.
    Col :mac:

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