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Thread: [HELP] Going wireless...

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    Question [HELP] Going wireless...
    I need some info on how to make a small wireless network at home, the least expensive way possible.

    To make a long story short, I'm moving my home office to a new room in my house. For some reason too long to explain here, I can't move the cable modem to the new office room. That's why I'm thinking of connecting the eMac through a wireless connection. Now, I have an eMac that is said to be Airport Extreme ready. From that point, I have no idea where to start as I know very little about all that wireless stuff.

    I first looked at the Apple store and the Airport Extreme card for my eMac is not very expensive. So far so good. BUT, the Airport Extreme base is 250$ CDN way too expensive for my *very* limited budget.

    My question is, what are the other possibilities here? I don't need anything fancy, no advanced features. I just want to hook up the eMac to the internet through the cable modem that's in the other room. Are there any non-Apple solutions that are less expensive? Any 3rd party cards and wireless routers that will work fine with the eMac?


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    You can buy a wireless router...A lot of people have Linksys and it is around $65-$70.

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    It is hard for me to explain how to set it up but I know somebody here will help you. I am just good at doing it rather than explaining. It is not hard to do though.

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    And they work with an Airport Extreme card?

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    Yes it does. I use Linksys.

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    If you do get this router then here is a good site for you:

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    The Extreme Base Station that Apple sells is just a fancy router. You can purchase a wireless router, as others said, for around $60. It will work fine with an Airtport Extreme card installed in your eMac. They come with direction sheets, and are not that difficult to set up.

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