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    Appliance/Cordless phone interference with Router
    Okay, so I went to Staples about 2 weeks ago to pick up a wireless router. I was going there expecting to get a Netgear router ( not sure which one, it was around $100)..the guy talked me into getting this dirt cheap Belkin router because he said it's only for 1 computer and it's such a small area..I bring it home and it works fine..UNTIL..I decide to make..popcorn in the microwave. My wireless connection slows down to an almost dead stop! It goes about 1/4 the speed of dial-up! Then, if someone calls the house phone and I'm on the comp, the minute I pick up, my wireless connection drops entirely! Why is this?

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    it is because they are both on the same channel, go into your routers chanel and change it from whatever it is, most likely 11, to something like 8 or 12. should do the trick...

    OR, just dont use the microwave or talk on the phone
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