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    iBook + Netgear Router - Can only access router config page when browsing
    Has anyone experienced problems when trying to browse the web with safari thru a netgear router? No matter how I connect, whether it be wired/wireless i reach the routers config page or receive 'another administrator online' error when trying to load a page. I have used various dns settings but this doesn't correct the problem. I have a PC connected to the network which can browse without problems. Has anyone experienced this? I have tried 2 different netgear routers

    Any help is appreciated

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    I'm not sure what the problem is, but I had lots of issues setting up a Netgear router with my macs (wired and wireless) and lots of my apps could not even connect to the internet either -- it was all quite random. I ended up returning it and sticking with my old router in the end.

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    Hmm, strange. I have a Netgear 54mbps Wireless G router (which I bought specif to have internet on my lappy) and I've never had a problem.

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