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    An Imac G3 with wireless issues please help
    I have bought my son an old Imac G3 to play with as he is 7 in a few days time, anyhow I have an Imac Intel downstairs and connect via airport to a Netgear WG834 wifi adsl modem.....anyhow it has never put a foot wrong and has been excellent so i decided to stick with Netgear and was sold a Wireless access point WG602v3 whihc i had hoped would enable my son's Imac to access the internet via the ethernet port....

    Now after several days of trying im worried i wont be able to get it working in 10 days time ready for his the access point not what i need????

    Any advice would be really appreciated as i am starting to get extremely fustrated!

    Thanks Matt

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    So, You want to send the Wireless connection from your WG834 to your new WG602 and then send the connection through the Ethernet port and into the iMac G3's Ethernet port. If this is so, then this might help you:

    Also, you might want to post this question in the "Networking" section of, You can also find answers there too.

    Hope that helps and Good Luck,

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