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    Internet through another computer
    Ok, the problem is I am currently dorming and my main computer (PC) is where I have my internet connected. I do not have a router or a hub and I was wondering how I could connect my macbook to my main computer via ethernet cable and share the internet though there? neye:

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    I tried that earlier today to no success. I was trying to send my Wireless connection to my Mac via my Laptop's Ethernet Port using an Ethernet Cable. Some programs I was told to user were:

    AnalogX Proxy and FreeProxy. They have instructions you can try and see if it works.

    Hope that helps some,

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    can you get a wireless card for your pc if you dont already have one? i think you can just set up a computer to computer network if you have wireless in both

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    Yes I have wireless for both. What should I do?

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