my flatmate just bought an airport extreme card for his ibook g4 and is having difficulties connecting to the wireless connection in the house. we're currently using a 3com officeconnect adsl wireless 11g firewall router and whilst everything works fine for the rest of us using the windows platform, my flatmate has constantly been getting the error message with his airport extreme card.

strangely, he has been able to access/use some other wireless network (probably a neighbour's. it's not WEP encrypted.) but whenever he tries to log onto our connection (which is wep encrypted), he gets the error message and further attempts point to the password being invalid (which is ridiculous since i've just used the password yesterday and it works fine). he's tried typing the "$" in front of the password (a 13 set digit code) but to no avail.

could anyone provide a solution or explanation for this? it would be much appreciated since my flatmate just shelled out 30 pounds for the airport extreme card just so he could get on our house's wireless connection.

cheers! :flower: