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Thread: Interesting predicament...

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    Interesting predicament...
    Well, I was going to play Xbox Live today when I had to re-setup my wireless configuration on the Xbox. When I got the wireless stuff all squared away it said the connection was "very low". It then went to a list of suggestions on how to remedy it and it told me that items such as "microwave ovens, radios, televisions and appliances" can weaken the signal. Now, my sister has one of those combination Magnavox TV/Computer Monitor screens for her Mac Mini (she wanted to consolidate space in her bedroom), and also she has all the internet gear in her room: the cable modem and the router, because her Mini isn't equipped with wireless. SO, is it possible that her monitor could be affecting the wireless signal at all? It seems like we had this problem prior to her getting that, but then again I can't remember how close her old TV was to the wireless gear beforehand. It seems like ever since we moved the gear into her room the signals gotten worse. It'll drop to one or two bars when I'm only 10-15 feet away in the living room and it can be very annoying at times when I'm trying to download something or chatting with a friend, etc.

    Any ideas?

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    Test it.. when it's on, and then when it's off. Wait a couple of minutes so that everything registers and everything updates fine in the signal.. If you do not see a difference then that's probably not it.

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