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    Trouble with LAN/Wireless network. Please HELP!
    Hello all,

    I have been on MANY forums and asked this question with no working result. I have SBC Yahoo! DSL, an Apple iMac 17" (early 2006) running the current version of Tiger, an Apple Macbook 1.83Ghz running the current version of Tiger, a Dell Dimension 3000 Running the current version of XP Home SP2, Apple iMac G3 (350 Mhz Slot-Loading) Running OS X v10.3.9, and a Netgear WGR614 v6 Wireless Router.

    Recently, I had the Dell running monitorless and keyboard/mouse-less, and I installed the Netgear router to the computer via the cd. It was working fine, and all computers were getting signal, etc. The problem here was that the Dell is FAR too noisy, and I don't like windows at ALL! I don't want anything in my house running windows. So, I tried hooking up the netgear router to my Intel iMac, and I had some trouble, but just went to in safari, and I set it up. Here's the problem. I am getting ZERO internet through the router. I go to the settings on my iMac and my Macbook, and they both say that I am connected to the internet via this router, but I can open my browser, point it to a site, and nothing happens. The activity light on my DSL modem doesn't blink, but on the netgear, the internet light and the #1 light (or the wireless light, depending on the computer) blink as if it's doing something. PLEASE HELP! thank you.

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    have you read the netgear manual, like trouble shooting?
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