Well, I've taken the plunge and switched 2 days ago. So far I'm loving it, and don't think I'll ever look back. Even though I'm further out of my comfort zone than ever before, I'm enjoying the challenge.

I wonder if anyone can help me out with this query though. My network consists of 2 windows pcs, a pc laptop and my shiny new macbook. One of my pcs is acting as a fileserver (simply running xp) and I would like my MacBook to connect up a few important shares to it upon connection to my wireless network. Is there any way that I can trigger a script to run when the MacBook connects to my wlan, getting it to map these drives? If I can do it on login, fair enough, but I tend to just put the book in sleep mode, so it would be best if it could be triggered simply by a connection to the wlan (also this means that it wouldn't try to map the drives when logging in away from the lan)

Is this possible?