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Thread: Networking with Windows

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    Networking with Windows
    Sorry I put this in the windows forum thing, not seeing this forum for networking *is blind*

    What I need to know is, im having a hard time finding a router within my small budget. So, do i actually NEED a router to share a BB connection, as well as files or can I just plug them both into onenother with a crossover cable.

    im stupid, so please bare with me lol


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    Yes, you can share internet without a router. It all depends on what sort of a Mac/PC you have. Most of the Macs have built-in Airport card. You can connetc to internet with your Mac and share it using the AP with the PC (Assuming your PC has Wireless capabilities). If your hardware do not support that, router would be the best option. It will not only let you share the BB connection but also act as a firewall (most routers have built-in firewall).

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    I found a router with an inbuild ADSL Modem, it says you can connect mac and pc, its from a company called D-link, and it is their DSL-504T product. I suppose this will have to do, I have read up on it and like all products it has a few bad reviews, but most of them that I have seen seem positive. Im in sweden atm, so its gonna cost me 39 UK Pounds (well 499 swedish kroner) and thats around half the price i would pay in the UK so prehaps I should get it??

    Any suggestions on a low budget modem/router combo?

    BTW, I have an iMac g4 (the half football one) and a Dell PC (the big black ones lol)

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