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    Wep Vs. Mac Filtering
    Hey guys, i have a linksys wireless router, I have my powerbook on it as well as my roommates dell. I had tried to set up WEP encryption but everytime i do that i get an error when i try to connect w/ it on my mac. So i resorted to mac filtering, allowing only our two mac addresses to connect. Is this safe enough or is there ways around that? Thanks

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    i would say mac filtering is good. I would also close your SSID. If you can use WPA2

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    Mac addressing is a great security feature but remember its just a feature and not a blockage.

    As far as im aware its secure as you cannot bypass the router or setup a mac address once decrpyted. but im unsure if you can forcechange a mac address or ghost a mac address.

    SSID broadcasting is allways a downer so yes turn this broadcast of so its harder to find your network.

    WPA2 is the most effective way as it renews the group key which can be set. mine is set to "3600" seconds.

    Good luck with securing your WLAN

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    MAC address filtering is a good security feature, but I would use it as a way to add security not your only security option. I agree with turning SSID off so other people in your dorm can not see the network and use it. If you and your room mate can get figure out how to get WEP activated and have it work that would be a good way to ensure that nobody will be able to access your network, having MAC address filtering on, WEP encryption, and SSID turned off will be a very secure network, but having only one security feature turned on is not a good idea with any form of security.
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    Thanks guys i would use WPA for sure... but linksys doesn't support it! wtf?!?!?!

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