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    iBook G3 and wireless internet - need help
    I have a new for me, but older version of an iBook. It is a Tangerine iBook, G3, OS X 10.2

    What I am trying to do it getting it wireless for internet. I have been told different things, so I am turning to the experts on this forum. Let me give you the back ground. I have a PC at home that is wireless with D-Link and D-Link router. I called their tech support and was first told that the same adapter that I have for the PC (DWL-G122) would work. I tried to install it, but can't, it will not read the .exe files, sees it as data files. I called D-Link sales, and was told the ONLY D-Link adapter that will work on a mac it the DWL-G820 gaming adapter. Someone else told me that I need to get an AirPort card.

    I read an old posting on this forum that someone has a working set up with the DWL-G122 adapter!!!

    This all makes me a little confused. Please come to my help with any and all suggestions to what can be a working solution without costing me fortune.


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    I use a USB Zydas wireless device on my ibook g3 snow. i love it. its very cheap, but can sometimes be a pain. they're on ebay listed as USB airport extreme for around 30 bucks. dont waist your money on an airport card, they're expensive, and have to be used because they're not made anymore. and they're very slow. go with some form of usb, much faster, and cheaper

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    this is where i bought my wireless usb adapter for my ibook, its cheap and they are pretty good for support. you just need to make sure that you have 10.3 or 10.4. or just seach on ebay for "wireless usb adapter for mac"

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