Hi all,

I'm trying to setup a home network, but I'm starting to learn that I'm not very up to speed on networking technologies. Was wondering if you could help me out.

I'm trying to set it up so that my documents, music, photos, etc. are on a permanent hard drive at home that gets regular backups (or is RAID mirrored, not sure yet). This way, I can keep the hard drive on my MacBook installed with only applications. So if I need to reinstall, or the thing gets stolen or dies, I won't lose the important stuff.

The ASUS WL-700gE looks to be a good match for this (especially for it's RAID capabilities), but is lacking one feature I'd like to have - VPN service. I want to be able to access the folders using the same paths from a remote location. I *could* use FTP, but then the paths my applications are using (like the iTunes library path for example) would stop working. Or, it'd likely mean I'm maintaining a local as well as a remote copy of my files, and that's really not the way I'd like it to work.

I'm seeing the term "Internet Gateway Device" thrown around a bit. Is that a similar technology as a VPN? Is there a device like the WL-700gE that also includes VPN?

Thanks in advance everyone.