I've got a macbook pro..and it connects with my wireless network..I use a netgear for it.

The problem is, since i got my macbook and connected to the internet..it has always automatically connected to the netgear network..

My netgear screwed up and i resetted it.then on..upon restart or after i close my lid ..i have to manually click the network icon on the bar and choose my network..

Now on i have to do it everytime..It's getting annoying

This is what i tried to do, i went to system preferences, network and chose AIRPORT..

Upon the "by default, Join:" section i have chosen Preferred networks..and my network is showing up on the table.

Also i have clicked Options and chose "Automatically join any open network"..

Still no luck..upon restart or from sleep..i have to manually choose the network from the bar.

I've tried to change my SSID and WEP key..still no luck..i'm considering reinstalling mac onto my computer and have it automatically figure it as it first did... neye:

I'm quite new to macs..as this is my first transition to one using a macbook..and i'm happy to say..from now on it's macs forever.

and after this, whenever i start up windows XP on my macbook it isn't connecting to the internet..i choose my wireless properties, and it has a completly short wep key..i input my WEP key and still..it doesn't connect anymore.. if it could connect automatically to my network in my mac everytime i start the computer..my xp's internet would work as well..as it used to be fine.

Anyway, any help would be great! thx! :doctor: