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    Cant connect when WPA turned on
    Ok, this is driving me insane. I am using a new DLink DIR-625 router and can connect to network wirelessly. However it can only connect when I turn the security encryption off. When I turn on WPA I am not able to connect. The airport sees the network, since I am broadcasting the SSID, but when i put in the key, it will not connect. I dont want to leave my network unsecured. I have a wireless media network at home and dont want random people snooping at that crap. I could just turn off the broadcasting of my ssid, but thats not enough.

    It seems I have heard some mention that there have been some problems with the macs and WPA security, but have never seen any concrete solutions.

    This is a PowerBook G4 OS X 10.4.7 with airport extreme card.

    I am not sure if this could be causing the problem, but i am using DHCP, but with MAC address filtering and DHCP IP reservations pointed to specific IP addresses.

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    i had this same issue but i have a linsys router and i was unable to connect to it with wep. what i did was instead set it up using mac addresses only allowing the mac addresses that i want to connect, to be able to. Try this even though its not an encrpytion it still is protects against anyone else getting in.

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    try putting a $ at the begining of the WPA key
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    what does a $ do??
    What does putting a $ in front of the WPA password do?

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