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    Jan 28, 2006
    powermacG5 2.3ghz 2gig ram running logicpro7
    sharing files with powermac and macbookpro

    I have both my powermac and macbookpro on my wireless.

    i want to start sharing folders to but when i connect them both through go > connect to server , each mac only lets me in the shared files is a setting which allows me to share say my music folder on each mac?

    powermac G5 2.3Ghz 2 gig ram
    20" apple monitor
    macbookpro 2.16 100gigHd@ 7200rpm 2gig ram

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    ibook g4, imac 2ghz c2d, mbp 2.4ghz c2d - 10.5.1
    do they not show up on the network?

    'go -> network'

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    the way that christm suggested is by far the easiest way

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    Have you considered iTunes sharing?
    It may not suit your needs but it is a great way to play music stored on one computer from another. Go into the itunes preferences and take a look at the sharing panel, it's all pretty self explanatory and doesn't require any other settings to be changed.

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