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    ethernet problem
    my macbook is not recieving any information from my cable modem. I have hooked up both directly to the modem and to other connections in my house via a linksys router that are known to be working. I literally sat in my brothers room and unplugged the ethernet cable from his powerbook and plugeed into my macbook. On my network status screen, i got no I.P. adress no information showed up, then i put the cable back in my brothers computer and watched as his computer's ip adress showed up. Origianally it appeared like my computer wasnt even recognizing that i had an ethernet port as it remained greyed out in the screen for port connections. I called apple and they basically had me reset all of my ports by both removing the battery and holding power and also removing a folder from my library, but to no avail. What should i do?

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    Try powering down your modem for at least a minute, then powering back on and try again.
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    Alright, if turning off the modem alone does not work...

    Turn off modem, turn off router, turn off all your macs.
    Turn on router, turn on modem, wait 15 seconds or so, turn on your macs. Try it like that.

    If that doesn't work you may have a problem with your ethernet card.

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