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    My networking problem...
    Ok heres my story:
    My parents just got divorced, and although I will only be in the house for another year I bought a computer for my dads house. I already had a powerbook g4 and i bought and emac 1 ghz with ati graphics on ebay. Now the problem is I don't have a wired connection at my dads..... and the emac didn't come with a wireless card.

    My Problem:
    $50 for a wireless card is too much, are there any alternative solutions to get wifi on a mac, what usb adaptors are know to work with the emac?(my max spending price ~$30)

    My thoughts:
    Is the airport in the powerbook and emac the same?

    Thanks... any help appriciated,

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    with a 30 dollar budget, i dont think your gonna find anything.
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    Look on ebay, you can get a b one real cheap.

    [EDIT] QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem
    $40 buy it now, Apple Airport Extreme Card (Wireless 802.11g)

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