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    Macbook losing network connection
    I have a problem that's driving me crazy. My macbook will just spontaneously lose my home network connection. The network will still appear as available in the pull-down menu but my computer will disconnect completely. When I use that menu to re-connect there are no problems and at start-up there are no issues (it is configured to join my network be default).

    It does even though there are current downloads in progress and the signal is strong. In fact, it just did it while I was typing this.

    A couple other points. I upgraded my broadband plan (to a faster one) a couple days ago which seemed to coincide a bit with this problem. Also, it seem to happen with much greater frequencym if not only, while downloading using Unison via Giganews. Is there something in my Netgear wireless router that may need setting?

    It doesn't do it on my work connection which I have configured with another location setting.

    Thanks for any advice.

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    i am having the same problem, i hope someone can post a solution.

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    are you all connecting via DSL wiht PPPoE? That's my situation and both the iMac and iBook will drop the PPPoE spontaneously, even though signal and all else are strong.

    I recall reading somewhere that PPPoE does this and don't recall if there's any solution (other than using Airport to manually select your network again and reconnecting).

    I'm anxious to hear if someone has a solution as well.

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    bump for answers

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    if you have a cable connection have you totally reset everything?

    power off the modem and the router.
    make sure all your coax connections are tight.
    power the modem on and wait until all but the activity light are on, if you're unsure, just give it a couple minutes.
    then power on your router.

    this cleared up some problems i had for a while.
    at times i would power the modem off and on, but never both at once unless there was a power issue - in which case they would be powered on at the same time too.
    i won't have that power loss issue anymore though... since i only have laptops now, i power both my wireless router and cable modem from an apc ups that used to protect my old dell desktop. now even if the power goes out i can have wireless internet... for a couple hours anyway.

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