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    Mac to PC networking
    I have an old Mac iBook which is running OS 9.2.2 and I have a Windows XP PC. The PC used to be Windows 2000, and it crashed so I had to re-install windows with XP. Because I had to re-install, my Mac somehow lost the Internet networking connection it used to have, and I have tried to get it working again but I can't. I've looked up the details I'm supposed to enter in the TCP/IP settings and put them all there, but it still doesn't work.

    If someone could help me out here, it would be greatly appreciated as I would love to be able to use my Mac again. Thanks in advance.

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    did you have them linked together or the PC working as a AP (access point)? I had a problem similar the other night, my Wireless router wasnt working right and i couldnt get any of my computers online, (macbook, Dell Lap, and my TOshiba Lap). So i put a ethernet wire from my Macbook to the Router. went into the settings. Depending on which router you have ( may be the address to type in on Safari/Internet Explorer to get into your router settings. Try taking all encryption off your router and it should restart your router (all lights will go off and come back on resetting the unit). Then see if you could connect. IF still nothing, there should be a lil button on the back or bottom of the router that you have to put a PIN or PEN through to push the button. This will Reset all the settings on the router back to DEFAULT. (i had to do this too). Last if you did all this and still nothing. See if you can access the net by just using it WIRED not should work. you will know that you have a good connection to the net if u can get on the net with a WIRED hookup to the router.

    Last thing you could look at is goto SYSTEM PREFERENES->NETWORK->AIRPORT->TCP/IP (from here you should see a few IP addys. The ROUTER should have an IP addy next to it. This means your AIRPORT WIRELESS card has a good connection to the router and you can get on the net. If ROUTER doesnt have a IP next to it. Make sure youve tried to connect to your wireless network then Keep resetting the router until you get it to show up. You can leave that System Preferences up to watch it while you play with the router.

    I hope this helps. Email me if you want more help. I can walk you through some other stuff too.


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    Thanks for replying, but I'm not using a router at all. I have a PC with a dialup modem, and have a normal crossover cable going from the network card in the PC to the port on the Mac. It used to be set up, and working fine when the PC was running Windows 2000, but since we upgraded to XP, we can't get them networking anymore.

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