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    Getting My Macbook Wireless
    I just got my Macbook this morning. Woot. Now, I've been trying to get it up and going on a wireless internet connection but with little luck. I have a SBC/Yahoo whatever dsl connection which I can run through a Linksys Wireless-G WRT54G router thing. After a while, I finally got it to work, but after a few minutes the connection dropped and now I can't even use the internet on my Macbook OR my desktop pc with the wireless router connected. I guess.. any help would be hot. Thanks.

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    Well, it certainly sounds like the router or modem isn't properly configured. Either that, or there is a genuine fault with the ISP. I once fixed up a router for someone that spontaneously died after half an hour, only to discover that there was a line fault and it wasn't my fault at all

    Are you using a cable connection? AFAIK the WRT54G has no internal modem so presumably if you were using DSL you'd have a separate modem?

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    Yeah, I have a seperate modem for the DSL.

    So.. if it wasn't properly configured.. what can I do? I don't really know where to go from here because messing with hardware and stuff is really not what I'm capable of. I do know that I can acess my wireless router by going to its isp thing anymore for some reason. It never loads and times out. =S Hmm.

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    Well, I'm not sure if I need any more help now. I hooked everything up, like it should be, and it didn't work of course. Then for some reason I unplugged the wireless router power cord, plugged it back in, and it worked for a few minutes before it cut out. I did the same thing again, and it worked. Been online on my MacBook downstairs since about 12. I hope it stays this way. Thanks.

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    Another example of, it just works. I hope after an hour it still works for ya.

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    Well, it worked for about 6 or 7 hours fine.. then it cut out. Unplug, plug in, worked. Cut out. Lather rinse repeat. It's kind of annoying, but.. I'd rather have to do this every so often then not have wireless at all.

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    Try going to and downloading the newest firmware for your router, I am guessing that your wrt54g router is v.5 which there were a lot of known problems with, the newest firmware 1.00.9 fixes the issue you have and a lot of other problems

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