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    how to file share via internet osx and os9
    I have a cable modem hooked up to a G3 desktop beige machine with os 9. I have a PowerBook G4 that I'd like to share files with. It's hooked up to a router off of the cable modem. I have turned on file sharing on the os 9 machine, and I thought i could just use the ip address of the os 9 machine in the connect to server part of the "go" menu in the os x machine and have it work. Do i need to somehow tell the os 9 machine an ip for my powerbook? HELP! i figure someone has done this, but i can't find out where they've posted instructions on how they did it.

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    look here:[url][url]

    let me know if this helps

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    Quote Originally Posted by deus_ex_machina
    look here:[url][url]

    let me know if this helps
    I had looked at those before. When I got back to the G3, which is in another building not far from the house, I put the correct ip in the appletalk server dialogue box. It immediatley let me "log on" to the PowerBook. Ah, but when it did, and when I clicked on the icon, a window opened up with a folder with a lock around it. I clicked on the locked folder and it said I did not have access privileges. I signed in as a guest on the PowerBook because I must not have had the right password to log on to it as a registered user. If I get the password thing sorted out do you think it would work? File sharing is starting up and stays in the state of starting up. Is that normal? It won't let me designate a folder on the G3 to share. Says it needs to start up first. Ah, but it continues to start up and never seems to get there.

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    Ok, I can put stuff in the Drop Folder and get stuff out, but still can't log in as a registered user from the os 9 machine. It wants a password that I can't find or seem to have. Also, I can't log on to the os 9 machine by using the go menu and putting in the ip address. Help!

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    I can log into the PowerBook from the os 9 machine, but can't log onto the os 9 machine from the Powerbook. I have file sharing on on both machines. I have tried the ip route to log on to the os 9 machine, but it says it's not operational or is the wrong ip.

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