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    Help with Networking my Powerbook and my Dell PC
    I have been using a DELL PC at home forever. Recently I was introduced to a MAC and loved it. I now own a PowerBook G4 and absolutely love it. I have always had a cable internet connection at home so I went and bought a Netgear Cable/DSL Router and bingo.. both computers can access the internet at the same time. Now I want to network these two computers and have no experience in networking at all for either system. If there is someone out there who can walk me through this I would be extremely happy. The PowerBook is using OS X and the PC is using XP Pro. Please help me so I can share files and the printer that is connected to the PC.


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    I've got a old G3 and a win98se machine that is networked via a router and they each can access the internet as well. I use a seperate program called PCMaclan to network with the two platforms. PCMaclan is installed on the pc and configured there. On the mac side I setup the tcp/ip control panel, the appletalk control panel with an ethernet configuration and I use the chooser on the Mac to establish the connection. All this is explained in PCMaclan's manual. I'm a bit behind the times though compared to you as I'm using 8,5,1 on the mac and win98se on one of the other computers. I do have a recently connected xp machine however that is networked and will investigate if it has anything new to connect to macs with. Have you tried the help files on either machine with networking with the xp and osx?
    I've not figured out how to utilize a pc-connected printer however. Although I'm considering learning soon.

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