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    PC not being recognized my Mac!

    I tried everything possible to make this work, BUT IT'S NOW PISSING ME OFF!!! I have videos and music i want to share throughout my network, mostly on my Mac. I could get into my mac through my PC, but when i go to Go>Connect to Server in Finder and put in smb:// desktop) it comes to a name and password prompt. I am 101% sure thats my username and password. I click ok and it says could not connect because of incorrect name or password. I have tried everything possible, and now, I am thinking of reformatting and instaling windows again. The music prt i figured out, i can share it through itunes, but what about all my other files? I have restarted and restarted and messed with the settings in the PC and turned off all firewalls, including windows, and i have deleted things, but something is blocking this connection. Any suggestions? I'm going on a trip soon and i am going to be in an airplane for 14 hours, so i need some videos, and movies. I know i can just burn them to a disc, but for the majority of the time, when im home, i need them to be networked so i can save space on my HDD.


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    Two things here that may help:
    1) Try adding a path after the IP. IE: smb://$
    2) sometimes adding the computer name or domain name before your user name can help. If your computer is on a workgroup put in the username as yourcomputernam\yourusername and if the computer is on a domain put the domain name before the user name instead.

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    You might also see what happens when you press enter to connect to the PC and dont put in your username/password. It probably wont work, but its worth a shot and is a lot easier than formatting your pc.

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    When I connect to my daughters Windows laptop, I simply put the IP in and not the shared folder. It could also be that Windows is looking for a password for the shared folder (desktop?) and you have not set one.

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    I don't know, but it doesn't work for me either trying to access my Linux box. I don't get a prompt, just "connection failed."

    What does work is sending from OSX to Linux through the audio program Pure Data, to an arbitrary port. The Linux firewall is beautifully customizable to allow one specific IP address, the Mac. For some reason, though, the OSX Firewall is blocking the Linux box's attempts to talk back.

    From what I've read it should listen, as the default Firewall rules say to accept connections from any IP to which the Mac just talked (so you can get responses from web servers).

    btw- anyone know a simple way to customize OSX firewall to accept connections from a specific IP address?

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