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    Internet speed problems.
    Firstly a big hello to everybody as this is my first post!

    Right.....To the issue. I have serious internet problems. I have two Macs and connect to the internet via a Netgear wireless Modem/Router and use BT Business broadband 8Mbit service. I have been with BT for a couple of years and have gone through two upgrades from 500k to 2Mbit to 8Mbit.

    My internet was running fine until 2 days ago (I was averaging out at about 4.5Mbit which I was happy with because of my location etc...). Suddenly my download speeds drop to 45k/sec when they have been 450k/sec!!

    I have been in constant communication with BT over the issue and have fault tested everything from my end....They say that they have done remote tests and everything appears fine, so they are sending an engineer next week (too long if you ask me!).

    I turned off my firewalls. Then I ran a deep scan with Norton Anti-Virus. I Then ran an internet connection speed checker provided by BT and it keeps coming up as 450k. After that I hard wired one of my macs to the modem through ethernet and still no change. I checked what the modem says the connection speeds are and it says connected at 8000k, but when I run the speed tester it says 450k again and no improvement. I also tried other online speed tests. After reseting my modem etc... several times I thought it was a good idea to get a new modem and try that (all new cables/filter and everything) - Still no improvement.

    So I ring and ask BT whether they really think that it is a problem in this house and not down at the exchange? It seems far more probable to me that it is a problem with thier Thruput, as I would have thought if it was a problem with the wall box it would be more intermitent rather than a stable 450k.

    To my main question. Is there any other possible test that I can do on my Macintoshes? I know how anti mac most engineers are and really don't want him to come with his laptop with XP on it; say that he get's the correct speeds on his computer and that it must be my macs and be left without an answer for him. Is there any other glitch that can go wrong with ADSL connections on macs like a preference file or something that caps the connection speed? Or something deeper in Unix that can go wrong or be checked? Or have I done everything I can?

    Thanks in advance!! :doctor:

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    First thing is to ditch NAV,...the prog is a pig.

    You could try setting your MTU to 1492 in Sys Prefs, Network, Built in Ethernet, Ethernet, Configure Manually, Custom.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MacsWork
    First thing is to ditch NAV,...the prog is a pig.

    You could try setting your MTU to 1492 in Sys Prefs, Network, Built in Ethernet, Ethernet, Configure Manually, Custom.
    Yeah. I only turn NAV on to perform a scan once in a blue moon so it isn't on ever. Yeah. I tried that thing with the MTU and no joy. Thanks anyway!!

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    Go into your router and check your DHCP table. Make sure you do not have someone freeloading off your bandwidth. Even if you do not see any unknown computers there, take the time to turn your wireless off and see if that changes things.
    If it turns out that the problem is an inconsiderate neighbor, turn on WEP and all should be well.

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