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    Intel Mac /Win Xp/Linux shared printer problem;
    Hello everybody,
    I am having a very strange problem trying to set up a shared printer in my Intel Imac.
    I previously had fedora 5 on my pc with a usb HP photosmart connected.
    The fedora machine is connected to the network/wireless router via ethernet while the Imac is connected via Airport therefore wirelessly.
    In the printer set up utility the printer is recognized but there doesn't seem to be a suitable driver for it although I tested the printer directly connecting it to the mac and it functions perfectly without adding any axtra drivers.
    The default driver appears to be a Generic foomatic driver which sends the printer mad into a spasm of spitting out blank shetts of paper which ends up in having to unplug the printer for 10 minutes to reset it.
    The device is properly set up for sharing in fedora and win xp (installed in a separate partition).
    Now i've read loads of docs on the net regarding this and found that the best way to set up the shared printer is via bonjour which I don't seem to be able to find on my imac.

    Can anyone shed some light on this matter, please?

    Thank you very much in advance


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    This is a particularly thorny issue, and it had me puzzled for quite a bit when installing my Slackware-connected PhotoSmart 7260. The problem is that the HP drivers included with OS X only work for directly connected printers - they aren't available for networked printers.

    Go to this link:

    Grab both the hpijs-foomatic drivers and the espgs version of ghostscript and install them. You should then get a full list of HP PhotoSmart printers listed in the IP Printer drivers list.

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