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    Ok so I just made the switch...
    Ok so I just made the switch and I am very happy with my brand new macbook except for this one problem I am having. I have an existing network of PCs hooked up via ethernet to my Netgear WGR614 wireless router. I got the macbook's internal airport all set up nicely with the router and everything is great EXCEPT. Starting today I CANNOT access the external hard drive on my dad's computer. It has all of my 150gb of music which I would love to be able to have with me while I am wireless around the house. it was working fine yesterday but now it keeps telling me "the alias could not be opened because the original item could not be found". I looked through these forums and others and learned how to connect to a server manually. I went in the finder went to connect to server and typed in smb://"computer ip" . It looked like it was working but then it always tells me "Sorry the operation could not be completed because an unexpected error ocurred (error code -50)". I looked up that error code and it means "paramErr Error in user parameter list" What should I do?

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    did the IP address of the music pc change?

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    I got the hard drive to remain visible now , but I am running into another problem. My wireless connection appears to be "dropping" for half a second every once in a while now and just decides not to reconnect by itself. I can go to the top of the screen and select it and it will connect fine, unfortunately when the system is unattended it just sits there not connecting even though it is staring the connection in the face. I have seen many people have this problem and nobody has really given a difinitive solution. Any ideas?

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    Do you happen to have a 2.4Ghz phone and wireless router? That interfeared with my router and gave me simmilar issues as well.

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