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    home network
    I am a new mac user, just bought an ibook g4. Wondering if someone can tell me how I can connect (network) the unit with my existing pc. PC has Win2K and I have broadband cable from Comcast. I also have the airport extreme for the ibook. This lets me connect both computers to the internet at the same time but I cannot figure out how to share my mp3 files and pictures between the two.

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    do you have a router or does it go straight to the PC?

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    you will need ethernet swich. conect broadband cable to the swich and then plug your mac and pc. thats it for home network. i em not sure about PC but with mac you can directly conect to the PC. just go to finders "go" menu and "connect to server" (for jaguar os 10.2) if you run panther 10.3 its even easyer. just oper finder window and clik on network in the sidebar.

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