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    Wireless Bandwidth Question
    I have a Linksys wireless router and am running a MacBook Pro on it.

    I downloaded iStat Pro and it says the following:

    My "Airport In" is reading 183MB, the "Airport Out" is 6MB
    The bandwith "In" is reading only 50-100KB

    Is it me or is this really low? I don't know if anyone is sucking my bandwidth or not.

    I tried to encrypt my signal by doing the WEP thing. When I turned on WEP password security, I could access wireless with my PC, but my iBook and MacBook Pro weren't able to access wirelessly. It kept saying "you weren't able to access the wireless network".

    Any thoughts? Thanks! Trapz
    A Mac

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    I am not to familair (yet) with the airport. However if it works like other wireless devices (which i'm sure it does) the Airport in and out is the speed you are connected to your router. the bandwidth is probably your internet speed. But i'm not positive.

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    Hard wired vs Wireless
    Yes, that is how it works. Basically, what is coming into my house is a lot faster than what is going in and out of my computer via Air Port.

    I hooked up the TCP/IP line and turned wireless off. The bandwidth shot up to intermittent 758KB coming in.

    If anyone else has any information, I would be very grateful.

    A Mac

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    What sort of upload/download speeds does your ISP advertise? Many will cap your upload speed to a fraction of your download speed. AP may just be making it worse due to interference and such.

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    try out this link: to see what your provider has, well, provided you. See what's expected from your ISP before deciding if you're denied adequate service.

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