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Thread: Easy way to set up a home network

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    Jun 23, 2006
    Easy way to set up a home network
    I want to set up a home network between my XP desktop and my Macbook. Right now I have a wireless linksys router which I've set up for a wireless network.
    How can i create a network between my desktop and laptop so I can swap files between them? If anyone knows of a very user-friendly, easy to follow guide to doing this that would be great.

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    If you already have the router, then you are set. Just plug everything in and you are good to go. You should be able to see and swap files between machines by looking for the other computer in "My Network Places" on PC and the "Network" folder in Mac OS X.
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    Don't forget to turn on "Windows Sharing" in System Preferences>Sharing.
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    Jun 23, 2006
    I've enabled Windows Sharing in the mac options but when I use Finder to go to the Network all I can see is Library and Servers. If I click Servers, I can see 'tt06-computer.local', which is my laptop.. where do I go from here?


    edit: so basically i can see my laptop in the Network bit of Finder but not my desktop. how can i make my dekstop visible there?

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    Try this link, its helped a few people around here:

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    Apr 18, 2006
    ok... create a folder on your windows and call it Net share or whatever. once created right click on it and choose file sharing. Once you have done that you should be able to go on your mac and select that folder and thats it! Drag and drop files and you will be able to get them on your windows and vice versa

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    Jun 23, 2006
    Thanks, I managed to set it up so I can access stuff on my desktop through my macbook and the other way round too. :black:
    One last question..In XP (desktop PC) I can go to 'add a network place' and when i type in my macbook IP addy etc it lets the desktop access every single file on my macbook without needing a password. How can I stop this from happening? in XP I can limit the folders the macbook has access to through the network, but when its the other way round the person on the desktop can snoop through all the macbook files and programs.
    anyway around this?


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    when I try this, it asks for a username and password, which is the same on both the pc and the mac, so i put it in and it says it's not valid. Any ideas?

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    k I changed my password in windows thinking perhaps it was having trouble since they were the same. So now when I go through the steps, trying to view windows on my ibook, it asks for a username and password. It has already filled in the workgroup and username, so all I need to input is a password. I've tried both my windows password and my mac one, neither work. Any suggestions? I thought macs were easy?

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    hiye.. need help with some networking problem. Basically, i can access MAC files on my PC desktop, however, i can't access the PC files from my ibook. I have enable file sharing on my PC with folder specifically for sharing. I tried the method on but when i'm at the step of connecting my ibook to the PC using the smb:// "IP address"... the ibook couldn't connect to it. Inside my Network on the ibook, i can see my PC name in the WORKGROUP folder, when i double click it and enter the username and password, it says "Alias not found... " Can anyone help me with this? Is it something to do with the port forwarding? if yes, please enlighten me.. i'm bad with the port forwarding stuff. Thanks!

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    i stumbled onto the very same problem, which is just solved itself after i restart the PC. i think the problem doesn't lie on your Mac, but the PC you try to access. have you tried to access that box from computers other than your ibook??

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    Nope.. haven try access it with other computers coz i only owns a ibook and this PC.. haha. However i suspect it has something to do with my ports maybe... i checked the firewall log and it shows something like this :

    2006-06-28T20:48:58+08:00 info src= dst= ipprot=6 sport=3087 dport=139 Unknown inbound session stopped

    2006-06-28T20:48:59+08:00 info Previous log entry repeated 2 times

    But its weird tat my PC can access to the MAC but the MAC couldn't connect to the PC. Tried restarting too.. but didn't help. :confused:

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    if you can't try to access the pc using another computers, try to access different services on your PC via your Mac. For example, build a webserver or an FTP server on your PC and access it via your Mac.

    if those connections works, the problem lies on your Windows shares or on your Mac firewall. if those connections failed, you have connectivity problems (cable, etc)

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    Aug 06, 2004
    I would check above all to be able to access the Mac thru the PC first, then make sure all sharing was enabled through the PC. If everything followed for the Mac has been followed, it should be on the PC side.

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    Hmm.. i'm not really sure how to create FTP server.. etc. Pretty basic user here.. haha. But i tink the problem most likely lies with the PC. By the way, i'm not using any cables.. etc. My PC and ibook shares the same modem. Keep getting the Alias not found.. and asked me to delete Alias or fixed Alias. Arghh.. this problem is driving me crazy.. hahaha.

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