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    Using airport express to play itunes on TV
    I am trying to use airport express to play music from my TV in a different room from my imac G5.

    I have connected all the cables correctly (I think) but the airport express just flashes orange.

    itunes picks it up but TV doesn't seem to play sound. I have a samsung flat screen tv.

    I also tried via the optical cable on my DVD player but also no success.

    I think perhaps all the plugs must be Audio Out rather than in. There seems to be no indication though.

    If i get something like the ltec Lansing VS2321 Powered Audio System. woofer + 2 speakers would that be easier.

    Does anyone have any ideas.


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    First, I'd just try plugging in a pair of headphones or computer speakers, to make sure the music is being transmitted correctly.

    If it is, then you should be able to use a standard 3,5mm plug to chinch adapter to plug the audio into your TV's chinch inputs.

    Or which inputs were you using on the TV?

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    had the headphone idea aswell and they work so i guess it is the TV.

    I was connecting the airport to TV via chinch adapter in audio in area but the tv was not picking up the signal.

    I will invest in some speakers.


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