I have a Netgear B only router that the XP boxes in my house connect to wirelessly. Connected to that via ethernet is an Express acting as a bridge so that when I connect to it, my IP is assigned by the Netgear. In effect I have turned one of the Netgears LAN ports into a secondary WLAN point. I did this so that when I travel I can dissconnect the Express without disturbing the network.

All computers including the Express are assigned a static IP by the Netgear.
All computers are in the workgroup "Home"

The Problem is when I am connected to the Exp. None of the Shares show up in Finder and I can't connect using "smb://Virgo" I'm forced to use "smb://" My shares also don't show up under the workgroup in XP unless I'm directly connected to the Netgear.

It was suggested to me over at the Apple boards that this could be a DNS issue

Sounds like DNS problems. Is there an option in the Express to relay DNS queries? If, so enable this. It may be that the bridge Express doesn't keep records of DNS tables.

But the Express is set to receive it's info via DHCP so it has the same DNS servers listed as the Netgear. I looked in the Network Prefs and added the DNS servers there also, but that didn't have the desired effect.

On a side note I also noticed that when two computers are on different routers the sharing in iTunes doesn't work properly. Other libraries are visible but not connectable.