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    crack any wifi protection?
    i'm on the road a lot with my macbook, and I am right now. I have a list of wifi networks a page long, most of which have wifi protection (WEP or WPA or etc) but I found a public one with no protection at all. but i know if i'm not in a populated area, i could very well pick up areas with only protected wifi spots and i was wondering how you bypass these easily? thank you.

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    hmmm, you must not have read the forum rules. We will not allow discussion of things like this on the the boards. Take this as your one and only warning.
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    apologies, i certainly didn't read the forum rules. and while it may sound malicious, it's not to get any one in trouble, it's just to get on the internet when in dire need. but it makes no difference, i did violate a rule (unknowingly). won't happen again.

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    i dont have no mac's
    unfortunately we are a bunch of honest people around here so i must add that cracking into someones wireless network and using it is stealing.

    unless after you steal someones internet you go leave a few bucks on their doorstep then i am sure they wont mind. lol
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