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    New MacBook Error when connecting to wireless network
    I have very very recently bought a new 2.0GB MacBook but it will not connect to wireless networks via the built in AirPort. My boyfriend is an IT specialist and got it to work from his apartment but as soon as i brought it home i am having the same problems all over again. He did something like putting a $ infront of a WEP key, but that will not work either. Please help! :headphone

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    I am also having a problemw tih my Airport card in my Macbook. I tried to connect to my home network, typed in the WEP password key and then i am prompted wiht a message that says "There was an error joining the Airport Network "Enforcer"" (enforcer is the name of our secured network at home)

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    You have several options under WEP- make sure that it's the correct one. Also, what helped me was not having many %#$# type of characters (I'm using WPA2)- I have no idea why this mattered, but it did. I have a Belkin and since changing to a long, more alpha-based password (GRRR- didn't want to do that), have had no issues at all with dropping the connection/connecting.

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    Yes I found this worked as well. Also, Mac's are best at detecting G and N routers. Anything other than that they usually have a hard time connecting to. Check what your router is broadcasting under the Airport Utility app.

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