I've got an iMac running Panther 10.3.9 and I'm trying to connect using AFP to another machine. This had been working fine for about a month, and now a very odd thing has started happening: Most of the time telling it to connect to the 2nd machine causes Finder on the iMac to just sit there thinking and it requires rebooting to make it quit. Every once in awhile I will connect to the machine again.

FWIW this began after one day iTunes was reading the share (it's mostly for keeping our music library) and suddenly iTunes got really slow, choppy and then crashed altogether, and when restarting iTunes didn't work we tried reconnecting the share, and suddenly found we couldn't.

The other machine is a Linux system running netatalk, and that I've noticed there hasn't even been an update to the netatalk version in all this time, there certainly hasn't been any change to the config.

any suggestions? Preferably that involve NFS or AFP, I really hate dealing with SMB, it causes me to swear in languages I don't know.