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    Angry My AirPort Base Station Died!!
    I was in the middle of a conversation with someone on AIM when my connection just dropped all of a sudden...i thought maybe there was some interference so i went over right next the the base station and still didnt get any signal. Then i tried my iMac, which always has a very strong signal, but it didnt have any this time. So i figured maybe i should reset the base station. That didnt help any. Then i tried resetting my modem. Nope. Nothing. I have tried playing with settings and everything but neither computer will detect a signal. On the base station, the middle light is on steady and the right one blinks every few seconds. Im not sure what this means but maybe it is of some significance to you guys. I decided my last hope was to just hook up via built in ethernet to make sure there actually was a connection, and then i remembered the good people here who have helped me in the past.
    If nobody can help me out, can anyone let me know if there is a free tech support number i can call? im thinking theres a 90 day thing with applecare? does anyone know the number? im in Orange County, CA if that makes a difference.

    Also, i was wondering about something else. When I DO have a connection, once in awhile it will spontaneously drop for no reason, but then i will be able to get it back again right away. Should this be heppening? I dont move the computer or the base station or anything, it just stops. Are there any updates or anything i need? So far i have only had this Airport setup for about a week and I am not very satisfied with it.

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    read the Good Info for Airport Extreme thread and that might help if that doesn't work let me know[I]

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    no. doesnt help.

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    It sounds like I had the same problem with you and now its fixed. I did call the 1-800 apple care number its the same for the airport extreme as for any apple product you just have to tell them the serial number and they'll know when you bought it. if its within the 90 days they'll help you out. If you want you can IM me via AIM (cmblechar) and I can maybe try and walk you through somethings if you don't want to deal with tech support. otherwise call apple. I'm not sure what the warrenty is for the airport station. Let me know what happens incase I ever have to deal with this again on my own.

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